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Our Key Services

  • Precision Machined Components
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Metal Stamping Manufacturers
  • Brass Fittings Manufacturer
  • CLI Source- Los Angeles Based Manufacturer of Custom Brass CNC Components

      The brass as an alloy is a mixture of two metals, copper, and zinc respectively. Moreover, good metal to cast with as it can provide some great looking results. It has a properties like strength, ductility, wear-resistance, machine ability, hardness, antimicrobial, thermal, and electrical conductivity, and corrosion-resistance. Brass used in making several architectural pieces from a very long time and hardware fittings are not an exception.

      Exclusive Range

      We manufacturer CNC components in metal, copper, custom brass, stainless steel. We provide wide range of fittings and one can easily have it. The different fitting includes:

      • Hose Fittings

      • Air Brake Fittings

      • Hose Barb Brass

      • Air Brake Hose Ends

      • Align Fittings

      We also offer other brass products along with the brass fittings. The products are easily available at unbeatable prices. The products are reliable with its advance specifications and withstand every terrible situation. The services and qualities offered by the products on low cost. Hence, the company is more profitable for the industries whose main factors to save money and time both.

      Catering Assorted Industries

      The CLI Source is manufacturer of custom brass CNC component in Southern California. The manufacturer is able to fulfill the requirements of many industries and companies. We are able to deliver our services accurately and smoothly on time. Our set of services makes us different from other brass fitting companies.

      We present high quality of brass fittings and customized service for metal fabrication. It ensures to keep the dignity of your industries with their expertise. It serves each small or large company and provides support to handle each possible needs and requirements.


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